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The Montserrat Access Declaration Form is a travel document designed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. It will help the government to collect specific information from authorized visitors to prevent more cases of infection. This document does not replace a visa.

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Only inbound visitors who meet the conditions to enter Montserrat will have to fill out the Montserrat Access Declaration Form.

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Applicants will have to provide specific details about themselves and their trip. It won’t be mandatory that you take a COVID-19 test for this document. However, all arriving visitors will have to present a negative result issued maximum 5 days before their trip. Otherwise, their access will be denied.

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Once you fill out your application, you will receive a confirmation email with your declaration form. Make sure to print and present it to immigration authorities. Airlines might also ask you to show it before your departure.

Visit the FAQs below to view the quarantine rules for the Montserrat Access Declaration Form.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • All travelers entering Montserrat must submit an Access Declaration Form at least 3 days prior to booking your travel. Remember that the Montserrat government only allows entry when travel is essential.

  • At the airport, you might be asked to show the form that we will bring you, in order to pass the health check established by the Health Authorities.

  • It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • All persons aged 5 and over are required to show proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test result taken within 5 days prior to arrival. The negative PCR COVID-19 test result document must state the applicant and the laboratory information.

  • Travelers who are eligible to enter Montserrat must quarantine for 5 days if fully vaccinated, and 14 days if unvaccinated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Montserrat has been taking steps to restore travel within its borders. In order to enter Montserrat for tourism purposes, you’ll need to display your COVID vaccine passport or vaccination certificate.

You are considered vaccinated if all doses of a vaccine against SARS-Cov-2 have been administered for least two weeks before traveling.

  • COVID test prior to arrival: PCR or RNA taken within 5 days prior to arrival
  • COVID test exemptions: Children under 5
  • Quarantine requirements: 14 days for unvaccinated travelers, 5 days for vaccinated travelers.
  • Quarantine testing: PCR or RNA test on day 3/4 for fully vaccinated travelers and day 12/14 for unvaccinated travelers.
  • Quarantine exemptions: Fully vaccinated travelers can end quarantine on day 5 with negative result in test on day 3/4
The Montserrat Access Declaration Form is a travel screening document implemented to mitigate the coronavirus’s impact. Please, bear in mind that it does not replace a visa. If you need a paper visa or any other travel authorization, you will have to make an appointment at the closest embassy. Get started.
You will have to fill out the Montserrat Access Declaration Form only if you plan to enter Montserrat and you are an authorized visitor. Apply for the Montserrat Access Declaration Form.

If you meet any of the following conditions, you may be eligible to visit Montserrat:

  • If you are a Montserratian;
  • If you hold a permit of permanent residence;
  • If you are a member of the crew of an airplane or ship;
  • If you are a relative of any Montserratian or permanent resident;
  • If you have special permission from health authorities.

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All arriving travelers will have to self-isolate as soon as they arrive. They must also follow the health protocols indicated by the authorities: wear a mask in public places and practice social distancing. They might also be subject to further review if needed.
Yes, they will have to do so. It means that it will be the parents’ responsibility to fill the Montserrat Access Declaration Form for minors. Complete the application form right now.

Depending on the option you choose, prices will vary for the Montserrat Access Declaration Form.

  • Standard Processing Time: 24 hours - USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing Time: 8 hours - USD 35.00.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 60.00.

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You will have to apply for your document at least three days before your trip. Fortunately, can help you to do it. Apply right now and don’t overthink it.
It’s as easy as pie! You will only have to fill out our application form and give us specific details about yourself and your trip. Our experts will take care of everything else. Once it is ready, you will receive your declaration form in a confirmation email. Make sure to print it before arriving to avoid any inconvenience. Get started and don’t overthink about it.
Applying does not take more than five minutes.
It is only valid for one single trip. If you plan to visit Montserrat more than once, make sure to apply for another document before your trip.
Yes, you can obtain your Montserrat Access Declaration Form for free. Nevertheless, it might be tiring to fill it out on your own because of the time-consuming extra-steps. Fortunately, is the best alternative to avoid stressful paperwork that may be frustrating. You will only need to complete our application form that won’t take a lot to complete and our experts will help you with the rest. Don’t hesitate and fill out our application form here.
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The island of Montserrat is a British overseas territory located on the southeast side of the island of Puerto Rico. This country is governed by a locally elected Premier and Parliament. The UK Government works with Montserrat’s Government to increase the island’s economy, as well as the safety and emergency plan. Montserrat is an incredible place to relax and enjoy calm waters, especially if you’re a beach lover. This country was first inhabited by the Tainos in c.500 BCE, and since then, Montserrat’s culture and history have been shaped throughout the years by various immigrants and events.

This island has an average temperature year-round of 27°C/81°F, meaning that you’ll probably enjoy it if you love the warm climate. From August to October, the temperature can increase up to 35°C/95°F. However, it can also decrease a little from December to April, with an average of 17°C/63°F. When planning your trip to this country, consider the peak hurricane season, which is from early August through the end of October.

You have to consider travel documentation when visiting this country. To enter Montserrat, you must have the Montserrat Access Declaration Form on hand. This document is easy to get, so it shouldn’t be an obstacle while planning your trip. Plus, the Montserrat Access Declaration Form can be easily processed on our website so that you can save much time on your side. Aside from that, you’ll need your passport and also a PCR COVID-19 test to enter, but those are basic items required for almost any country you wish to visit.

Montserrat has some extraordinary tourist spots to visit, including natural landscapes and beaches, of course. Plus, not all the places there require a guided tour, and they can leave you an unforgettable impression for sure. The first place that should go on your list is The Soufrière Hills Volcano. This is a composite volcano known for its dome-building eruptions. The last major eruption happened about 400 years ago, but there’s a current eruption that began in 1995 and continues to this day. Two-thirds of Montserrat was rendered unlivable due to the dangers of the volcano. Therefore, 50% of the population of this country decided to emigrate to other places like the UK, Canada, and the US. Despite that, you can still enjoy amazing views from sage vantage points, which are also known as cloud cover permitting. This is a place you shouldn’t visit on your own. Try to always contact a professional guide to tour the place, as there are “red zones” that you cannot enter, and only professional guides can lead you to the safe zones.

The deserted town of Plymouth is another Montserrat attraction you cannot miss. This place is known as the only volcanic-buried town in the Americas. Its ghost town is very famous due to its eerie environment. There are not even animals or birds in this place. Plymouth was the capital city of this country until 1995 when the current eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano started. Back in that year, the whole city was buried with ashes, which is why many of its inhabitants decided to leave the island and live in other places. Even in its resting phase, the volcanic ash is still an incredible thing to watch in this city. By exploring this place with a professional guide, you’ll be able to find some items left behind, including typewriters, clothing, toys, kitchen tools, and many more. Plymouth is located in the island’s Exclusion Zone (Zone V) and is only accessible with a certified tour guide.

Soufrière Hills Volcano might be the start on this small island, but that’s not all you can do there. You can also visit Jack Boy Hill, a beautiful place that serves as an incredible point for panoramic viewing of the volcano, the hidden town of Trants, and the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape in this place is at its grittiest and harshest. Besides, you can also see here an on-site telescope that allows you to examine it close up. Although small, the park’s abundant flora, including exotic flowers, gives it a romantic feel. As for the beaches, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore Fox’s Bay, a gorgeous, long stretch of beach that begins just beyond Isle’s Bay to the north up to Bransby Point in the southern area. Isle’s Bay and Lime Kiln are also obligatory stops to relax and enjoy deep-blue water surrounded by soft sands.

The island of Montserrat may be small, but it has several places to visit that can enchant anyone. Just remember that it is mandatory to have a Montserrat Access Declaration Form to enter this territory without complications. The Montserrat Access Declaration Form can be obtained through our services on our website, which shouldn’t take you long. Additionally, to obtain the Montserrat Access Declaration Form you don’t need anything else than your passport, an email, a trusted payment method, and a COVID-19 PCR Test. Unlike a visa, the Montserrat Access Declaration Form is much easier to obtain because you don’t have to go to the embassy to process it. It is a mandatory document for any traveler, even for the citizens of the island who are returning.

If you travel with children, do not forget that they will also have to obtain their Montserrat Access Declaration Form according to the regulations established by the country (there may be a minimum age to apply). Also, keep in mind that you must be careful when visiting certain territories. To avoid complications, you can always contact a professional guide, who will give you the best safety advice while you explore this island.

Another recommendation to consider when traveling to this island is to plan your accommodation so that you can arrive comfortably and rest if necessary. Most of the tours in this place do not take more than one day due to the size of the island, so that shouldn’t be a problem with your travel arrangements.

We advise you to apply for the Montserrat Access Declaration Form once you feel confident that you can enter this country. Remember that this document is valid only once, so you would have to apply for it once more if you leave and enter the island again.