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The Republic of Costa Rica, or simply Costa Rica, is an enchanting little country in Central America. Tropical year-round and with unbeatable scenery, the wildlife is simply phenomenal - bird enthusiasts flock to Costa Rica. It's beautiful beaches and the clear blue waters are ideal for diving, lounging on the beach, and snorkeling. If you're a bit more adventurous, you can also go rafting, surfing, or mountain biking.

Before you depart for Costa Rica, you'll need to see whether or not you need a visa. Lucky for you, their visa policy is pretty lenient, but it does contain restrictions for some nationalities, namely citizens from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia often need to have their visa approved by the Commission of Restricted Visas. However, many countries in the world are visa exempt and their nationals can stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days.

Before going on your trip, you need to check if you require a visa for Costa Rica. In order to do that, you can either dig through Costa Rica's visa policy, or you can make things simpler by using our Visa Checker Tool found in the top right corner of this page. Simply select your country of origin from the drag-down menu and choose Costa Rica as your destination. In seconds, you'll know if you need a visa. If not, you are free to plan your trip. If you do, we offer a list of the embassies you can use to apply. It's as simple as that.

Unfortunately, iVisa currently does not process Costa Rica visa applications. Since they do not offer electronic visas yet, it is not one of our supported countries. But we still like to offer our expert assistance to travelers. That's why we offer a free 24/7 support service to answer any visa questions that may arise.

If you need to apply for a Costa Rica visa at the embassy, you must learn more about your country of origin's specific requirements. While you can do that on a government website, we recommend that you contact the embassy itself. It is always the most reliable source of updated visa information. Nevertheless, what we can tell you is that you need a passport that is valid and remains as such for at least another 6 months beyond your date of arrival in Costa Rica. For further information, contact the nearest embassy of Costa Rica.

While iVisa cannot process a Costa Rica visa application at the moment, we plan to do so in the near future. When Costa Rica becomes a supported country with iVisa, we will make the process less of a hassle for you - guaranteed. Until then, we hope that the above information is helpful.

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