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Botswana is a country where travelers can enjoy the location's quality - not quantity. While its economy may rely largely on just tourism and diamonds, it is vastly different than its neighbor, South Africa, since Botswana does not market mass tourism. The treasures of Botswana (aside from the diamonds!) include Chobe and Moremi National Parks and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, where the wild game is prevalent.

If you plan a trip to Botswana, you'll need to check whether or not you need a visa. Lucky for most people around the world, the visa policy of Botswana is relatively lenient. A total of 103 countries and jurisdictions are visa-exempt, which means their citizens can enter Botswana without a visa - as long as they do not stay longer than 90 days within a 12-month period.

To find out where your nation stands regarding Botswana's visa policy, you can take, of course, find an online version of their visa rules and regulations. However, iVisa offers a much easier way: try out our Visa Checker Tool which is located in the top right corner of this page, it tells you in seconds what you need to know about your visa rights and limitations as a tourist in Botswana. Not only that, but if you end up required to obtain a tourist visa for Botswana, our Tool provides a list of embassies you can use to apply in-person.

Unfortunately, we do not process visa applications for Botswana at the moment. We plan to in the future, but until then, we are more than happy to provide you with whatever information we can. This is why our free support service is just a call away, 24/7. We will answer any questions we can.

Concerning Botswana's visa requirements, you'll only need to worry about them if you nation's citizens are not visa-exempt. We advise that you contact the diplomatic mission or embassy you plan on using to apply for your visa. While there is a lot of information freely available online, it is not always the most reliable. However, an embassy can tell you the most up-to-date visa requirements, although iVisa is certain that Botswana requests all travelers hold a passport with plenty of blank pages (at least one) and validity for at least 6 months after their arrival date. Besides that, we recommend you undertake further research.

We regret that we cannot process the visa application for Botswana at the moment, but when Botswana becomes a supported country on iVisa, your application process is sure to go off without a hitch.

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For your next big safari vacation, there can be no better place to visit than Botswana. When you travel with the expectation that you’re going to see a lion chase its prey, an elephant spray water playfully or a hippo peek over the water’s surface at your boat, the best bet is that you have a vacation to Botswana already booked and paid for. Get your Botswana Health Declaration now so that you can relax and pay more attention to the important details, like how you’re going to fit everything in one suitcase. Applying with is easier thanks to our customized application form. We only ask for the essential information on our Botswana Health Declaration so you don’t need to stress about finding extra paperwork to attach. All you’ll need to get the Botswana Health Declaration is your passport, an email address, and a payment method. We accept Paypal for Botswana Health Declaration processing as well as credit and debit cards.

One of the main reasons why Botswana is so popular for these kinds of niche trips is that a fantastic 40% of the country has been set aside to exclusively protect and conserve land that is called home by thousands of species of animals. That includes national parks and private reserves too, so there are ample opportunities to get out into the wild and find out more about some of the world’s most majestic animals.

Another reason for attracting such a high number of safari trippers is Botswana’s overall dedication to high-quality service provision. The standard is reflected in the price, which means that you’ll also pay a premium for the unique and unforgettable experiences you will have to get up close and personal with tigers and zebras, among other wildlife. There are some very remote lodges located far off the beaten track, and if money’s no object you can even arrive there by air to up the level of exclusivity that your vacation deserves.

Okavango Delta is the pride of the country. It is a maze of channels, flood plains, and lagoons. The area moves with the seasons, the sandy bank beneath it all filling with water and emptying again, revealing islands and rich pastures as time passes. Subsequently, it can be hard to read a map of the land, so visitors are advised to measure distances based on the presence of safari lodges or cabins, which aren’t so likely to disappear into the tide the next month. Each lodge houses between 8 and 20 guests, so you don’t need to worry about crowds getting in the way when you plan a trip to Botswana during coronavirus. The very nature of its landscape means that it is constantly in motion. . Visiting the Okavango Delta is an amazing way to glimpse animals in their natural habitat, and thanks to the development of the safari industry in the region, you can even hit the water by boat, canoe or even on the back of an elephant. Many vacationers or visitors from other parts of Africa choose to visit the Moremi Game Reserve. The oldest reserve in the Delta, the local Batawana tribesmen founded the area in 1963 and named it after one of their tribe members. Spending a couple of nights at Moremi is a fantastic way to see the inhabitants of the area from morning until night. We recommend you make the most of your visit to this special place by staying in one of the ensuite tents in Camp Xakanaxa on the Khwai River. Close to the Xakanaxa Lagoon, the position of this former tribe camp ensures it is one of the few to offer game views or water and land from all angles.

The Kalahari Desert makes up over 75% of Botswana, so it might be hard to miss once you get there. It’s hard to imagine living in a place like this, and the only people who really have any idea of how it’s done are the Bushmen. These former hunter-gatherer communities have lived in Southern Africa for thousands of years, in harmony with nature and the land. Unfortunately, the presence of diamonds in their reserve area heightened tensions in the area, with many of the Bushmen forced from their land. Their only access to water was cut off, with many of the tribe members dying from starvation and malnutrition. If you’re planning to head to Botswana soon, make sure that you support the local people and avoid buying illegally mined diamonds that could have a secondary negative impact on the environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Bushmen, plan a stay in Deception Valley Lodge or Intu Afrika (on the Namibian side of the Kalahari), which is where you can encounter ways to engage with this unique race of people. Getting to Namibia or Botswana is a breeze with We offer all international travelers a new way to get all their travel documentation organized from the comfort of your home. Apply for your Botswana Health Declaration now, without leaving your armchair. Simply open the user-friendly application and start filling in the personal details necessary to get the authorization. You’ll be finished in less than 10 minutes. Then pick the processing speed for your Botswana Health Declaration. We offer three to choose from. Standard offers the best value for money, while the Rush and Super Rush options are great for those of you who have a last-minute safari in the pipeline. Make sure that you’re satisfied with the final price, which will be shown before you enter your payment details. Enter your details and process the payment, which will cover the cost of the document plus our fee for an expert review. Once we have the form, we will check it carefully. Keep your phone close if we need to get in touch, otherwise, all there is to do is wait for your Botswana Health Declaration to arrive in your inbox. Have a wonderful safari in Botswana.