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BONAIRE, ST EUSTATIUS AND SABA ARE OPEN: Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba re-opened for tourism in July 2021.

The Bonaire Health Declaration Form is a required travel document that all visitors must present if they plan to visit Bonaire prior to their departure. This document is part of the new health measures created by the public health department of Bonaire to protect nationals and foreigners in the country. It does not replace a visa.

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Everyone who wants to enter Bonaire must fill out the Bonaire Health Declaration Form accurately.

All nationalities can apply.

You must provide information about yourself, your trip, your medical condition, and some contact data in case authorities need to reach you. The good news is that there are no quarantine requirements for travelers from any countries. Check the FAQs to find out which passengers will need a negative COVID-19 test result.

Visit the application page to complete the Bonaire Health Declaration Form.

Once you send your application form, our team will process your request, and they will prepare the Bonaire Health Declaration Form for you. They will submit an email with your document to your inbox. You will have to print and sign it so that you can present it to immigration authorities.

Visit the FAQs below to view the quarantine rules for Bonaire.

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Required Documents to Apply
  • Negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result. (if applicable)

  • Medical proof of COVID-19 vaccination (if applicable)

Important Instructions
  • US RESIDENTS ONLY: To return to the US you’ll need to take a COVID-19 test the day before your entry date. Don’t waste time looking for a test lab in Bonaire. Simplify travel with the purchase of an eMed test kit. Order yours now and pack it in your luggage. Then follow the Certified Guide’s online instructions to take the mandatory test 24 hours before your journey back to the US.

  • Unvaccinated travelers arriving from high and very-high risk countries must quarantine for 5 days in a quarantine facility.

  • One form should be completed by each person. Parents should complete this form for minors.

  • Print this form after completion and keep it in your hand luggage. You may be asked to show this during your journey by a public health officer.

  • Airline travel: Seat row and letter. Please note the row number and letter of your actual seat during the flight on your phone or a paper and save this for a minimum of 14 days after your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 12/21/2021
  • Countries with very low risk: Saba and Sint Eustatius.
  • Countries with low risk: None
  • Countries with high risk: Countries that are not mentioned in the other categories are considered to be high risk.
  • Countries with very high risk: Botswana, Eswatini, Haiti, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Venezuela and Zimbabwe
No, you don't. As of today, COVID vaccination passports or certificates are not mandatory to enter Bonaire.
  • Approved vaccines are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen.
  • You are considered vaccinated if all doses of a vaccine against SARS-Cov-2 have been administered at least two weeks before traveling.
  • COVID testing- very low risk arrivals, all travelers: Self-test on arrival only

  • COVID testing- high and very high risk arrivals, fully vaccinated: PCR within 48 hours, self-test on arrival and PCR on day 5 after arrival

  • COVID testing- high and very high risk arrivals, unvaccinated: PCR within 48 hours, self-test on arrival and PCR day 5 after quarantine

  • COVID test exemptions: Children under 12

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  • Quarantine requirements: 5 days in quarantine facility for unvaccinated arrivals from high and very high risk countries only

  • Quarantine exemptions: Children under 12

Based on the processing service of your preference, prices will vary.
  • Standard Processing Time: 24 hours - USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing Time: 8 hours - USD 35.00.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 60.00.

Feel free to apply with us at any time, but we recommend applying between 72 and 48 hours before your arrival in Bonaire to have more accurate and recent information about you. Please, bear in mind that we will process your request during that time.

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It is pretty simple! To get the Bonaire Health Declaration Form, you will have to complete the application form that we designed especially for you and provide us information about yourself, your trip, and your medical condition in the last 14 days before your trip. When you submit it, our team will prepare your document so that you can print, sign and present it to immigration authorities.
Applying does not take more than five minutes.

It has a validity of one single entry. That means you will have to get another Bonaire Health Declaration Form whenever you need it.

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Of course! You can obtain it for free. Nevertheless, if you decide to use, you won’t have to go through a lot of paperwork and spend hours completing the long and tedious questionnaire required for this document. Instead, you will only have to complete our user-friendly application form, and our outstanding team will assist you in filling it out in the best way possible. So, think about the time you will save using, the best alternative to effortlessly get your document.
Without a doubt! You can contact our customer service agents to resolve all your doubts whenever you need them.
Yes, all visitors, including children, will have to submit the Bonaire Health Declaration Form. Parents or guardians will have to fill out the Bonaire Health Declaration Form for minors. Complete the application form here.

Bonaire is a small island country that belongs to the Netherlands. It lies off the coast of Venezuela, in the southern Caribbean. The reef-lined coast of this country is protected by the Bonaire National Marine Park, which is why you can easily find rich marine fauna here. This island is also home to lizards, donkeys, and birds that are easily visible in the immense Washington Slagbaai National Park, with beaches, lagoons, caves, and desert hills.

This island might be tiny, but it’s an excellent place to practice diving thanks to its beautiful coral reefs. Besides, this place has many beaches to relax and chill for a while. If you’re more into nature, then you’ll be happy to know that on this island you can also find some animal refugees or sanctuaries, including the famous Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary. Another point to mention about this island is that most of its hotels are very close to the beach, functioning as luxurious resorts where you can rest without problems.

The capital of Bonaire is Kralendijk, famous for having the Bonaire Marine Park and the colorful Kaya Grand shopping street. At Kaya Grand, you can take relaxing walks to buy the souvenirs you want, as well as being able to enjoy some restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Even so, the true attraction of Kralendijk is usually its coastal area, especially with an uninhabited island in front of the city. This island, called Klein Bonaire, is an ideal stop for snorkeling and diving. There you can swim deep into the coral reefs and learn more about the fauna of Bonaire, without feeling overwhelmed by too many people, as this island has a lot of control in terms of the number of visitors.

Another must see in Kralendijk is Lac Bay, a bay where you can also practice windsurfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, and autonomous diving. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can see some sea turtles and also appreciate other popular animal species in the region like iguanas and crabs. This place is another paradisiacal point for those who love the beach and warm climates without feeling overwhelmed by many people.

In the same region of Lac Bay, you can relax a lot at Sorobon Beach. This beach is known as a nature reserve, which is why it is ideal for windsurfing. Sorobon is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention, so environmental care is very important in this place. Also, keep in mind that this bay has a hotel and two surf schools, in case you are interested in any of these places when traveling. Some of the animals that you can see in this place are rays, moray eels, and turtles.

Another mandatory stop that you cannot miss in Kralendijk is the surrounding area near the Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary. Tourists are not allowed in the sanctuary, but the beautiful pink flamingos can be watched with binoculars from the nearby lands in Pink Beach. The Pekelmeer Sanctuary is one of the only four places in the world where Flamingos breed, which is why this place is so well-protected.

As for historical whereabouts, a point you can visit near Kralendijk is Old Slave Huts. These huts were built in 1850 during the slavery time in Bonaire. They served as camping facilities for slaves working in the salt ponds to collect and ship the salt, one of Bonaire's most important export product. Nowadays, it’s a historical spot for you to learn more about the slave history in the country.

One thing you should do when staying in Bonaire is to take a drive to Seru Largu, where you’ll be able to have an amazing view of the capital city as well as the island of Klein Bonaire. Seru Lagu means “large hill”, which is why it’s an important stop to walk and enjoy nature from the top of it.

Aside from the important points in Kralendijk, don't forget to also visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park, in the north of the country. This park is an ecological reserve that has dunes, beaches, mangroves, saltwater lakes, and a forest. It is also a good place to learn more about the culture and history of the country.

If you're looking for relaxing beaches, we recommend you to visit not only Sorobon, but also others like Funchi Beach, Bachelor's Beach, Frans Beach, and Te Amo Beach.

We already mentioned some important spots to visit there, but remember that to visit them and enter the country successfully you must count on some valid travel documentation. Firstly, your passport must have at least 6-month validity, and secondly, you must apply for the Bonaire Health Declaration Form.

The Bonaire Health Declaration Form is an easy-to-get travel document that allows you to enter Bonaire thanks to its electronic system. This document is helpful to avoid any risky disease, including coronavirus. Plus, it helps the authorities have a successful view of the tourists entering the country so that they can be ready if any emergency occurs.

What you cannot forget is that aside from the Bonaire Health Declaration Form, you also have to take a PCR test within 72 hours of your arrival and the test result must be negative. This is necessary at least while the current coronavirus pandemic is still around.

But, remember that this type of document can be helpful for other emergencies, which is why you shouldn’t overlook it, especially when it doesn’t require too many things on your side. The most important thing is your passport and your email address to receive all the notifications related to the process.

The Bonaire Health Declaration Form lasts only for a single entry, so take that into account when traveling to Bonaire, as you might need another one if you leave the country and decide to enter again, at least by now.

Another thing you should remember when applying for the Bonaire Health Declaration Form is that it doesn’t replace a visa, meaning that you’d have to apply for a visa if your country requires one. Many countries are exempt from getting a visa to enter Bonaire, but it’s still a point to consider. To avoid inconveniences with that, you can use the visa checker tool we have on the upper side of this page. This way, you can get all the information necessary to enter Bonaire peacefully.

The Bonaire Health Declaration Form is a travel document designed by the Public Health Department of Bonaire. This document helps the government to gather data about visitors, and they might contact them if needed. You will have to print and sign it before your departure.

Please, consider that it DOES NOT replace a visa. If you need a paper visa to enter Bonaire, we recommend applying for one in the closest embassy before your trip. Remember, it varies depending on your nationality.