Belgium ETIAS requirements for citizens of Uruguay

Belgium ETIAS requirements for citizens of Uruguay

iVisa | Updated on Oct 29, 2021

Although we love our own hometowns and will always cherish our childhood culture, closeness to nature, and diversity in cuisine as human beings, we also want to discover more. And what better way to discover new destinations than by traveling.

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Traveling is made even more enjoyable when you aren’t required to go through the exhausting process of visa applications, as is the case for citizens of Uruguay who want to visit Belgium.

The European destination inspires any traveler to relax and enjoy themselves. Choose between the small towns near lakes, big cities with their Gothic architectural buildings, and even historical spots such as the battlefields of Flanders. Nothing can compare to the easy accessibility this country offers to all its cities with excellent train services, which can also take you to capitals like Paris and Amsterdam.

And yet, these travels now have one impediment, the ETIAS. It’s a travel permit created by the Schengen states soon to be required by every foreigner wanting to visit the Schengen zone coming from a visa-exempt country.

In this article, you will find very valuable and insightful FAQs which will give you information on the process and benefits of the Belgium ETIAS for citizens of Uruguay through It’s not a long read, and the details will be useful to plan your next adventure in Belgium.


Why was the ETIAS created?

The ETIAS is a European travel permit made by the Schengen states to be requested to every traveler coming from a Schengen visa-exempt country. Its purpose is to pre-screen travelers before arriving to ensure they’re not a threat to the country, its citizens, or fellow travelers. It will also help to reduce illegal immigration and eliminate terrorism.

Do all Uruguayan citizens need an ETIAS?

Because Uruguay is part of the Schengen visa-exempt program, its citizens will soon be required to apply for an ETIAS. This requirement is only if the citizen wants to visit any of the Schengen states for a short period of 90 days or less.

Can I study in Belgium with ETIAS?

No, you can’t. The ETIAS is a travel document meant to pre-screen travelers that come from Schengen visa-exempt countries wanting to do some tourism or business in the country. You are allowed multiple entries to any of the Schengen states, but not to study. To study in Belgium, you will need to apply for a student visa.

When does the ETIAS expire?

The ETIAS authorization may have a validity of the duration of your travels or for up to3 continuous years. If the passport with which you applied for the original ETIAS expires before that time, your ETIAS becomes automatically invalid. That being the case, you will need to apply for a new travel permit with your new passport.

How many days can I travel around the EU with ETIAS?

With the ETIAS, you are only allowed to visit any of the Schengen countries, whether they’re part of the EU or not. Once you arrive, you can only stay for maximum 90 days in 180 days in one or many of the Schengen countries.

Can I accelerate my ETIAS process?

The ETIAS application process is fast by itself for the few documents it requires. And yet, by using the services, you may get your ETIAS at an ever faster speed.

You can make a good investment and save your time by applying for an ETIAS with and get the ETIAS results even faster. The three processing speeds available are:

  • Standard process: after the form is filled and delivered to process, you will get your ETIAS results in no more than 24 hours.
  • Rush process: it speeds up the processing process right after submitting your application form, and delivers the ETIAS result in 4 hours.
  • Super rush process: the superstar of processing speeds, that will get your application results in 30 minutes on your email inbox.

What is the ETIAS application process?

The Belgium ETIAS application procedure is straightforward and easy to accomplish with these steps:

1.Start by filling out your information on the questionnaire and select the processing time you want from the previously mentioned options.

2.The next step is to check that the details provided in step one are correct, and then make the online payment.

3.Your final step is to answer an online survey, which will request some specific documents needed for your ETIAS submission.

After you finish the poll and click on Submit, you have finished. You now need to wait for the Belgium ETIAS results to arrive in your inbox.

Can I trust the system with my data?

There is always news on phishing cases or hackers that are stealing information from databases. We understand how this can make anyone scared of sharing their details on a website.

We want you to trust us, and that’s why throughout the entire application process, and after that, we hold your details in our highly secured databases. With every technological change, we update the system to ensure your information is kept secure from any digital threat.

Read what some of our customers have said about our services here.

I have more questions, where can I find info?

One question often leads to another. And because we know this, we are willing and prepared to help you solve these questions as you think of them. We ask that you contact us by message with your inquiry so we can provide answers and guidance.

You may also want to look at the website for information about other international documents like the ETIAS.